LINE 204 and ZIO STUDIO SERVICES have partnered to provide greater convenience and one-stop shopping for your production vehicles and equipment needs. Now, clients can call their favorite rep at either company to rent vehicles or supplies. Clients will be able to pick up and return Vehicles and Supplies from Line 204’s massive 100,000 Square foot Production Facility in Sun Valley. BOOK NOW!

production vehicles

Zio is proud to offer the largest variety of production vehicles in the Los Angeles area that include: Motorhomes, Cast Trailers, Honeywagons, WaMus, Office Trailers, and Restrooms. Click and see for yourself.


Zio’s mobile restrooms come with a variety of options, including: hot + cold water auto faucets, stereos, and air conditioning. Services include: restroom attendants, delivery, pick-up, cleaning, restocking and pumping services.

trucks / vans

Whether you’re looking to wrangle a large group of people comfortably on a location scout or transport your gear safely and securely, Zio’s trucks and vans have got you covered. In stock and available for rent!

carts & gators

Galavant around set, lug gear, or make a quick get away. Our 2 and 4 seater all-terrain utility vehicles get the job done.

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