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Line 204 offers genuine Hollywood sound stages with a touch of modern design and southern flare. Line 204’s main campus in Hollywood is comprised of three soundstages: West, East and South. Need a two or three wall cyc? No problem. South Stage, is our stand alone stage with a catwalk and 2 wall cyc, a short walking distance from our main campus, with on-site production offices, support rooms, and dedicated parking. That’s 3 bonafide stage options smack dab in the middl’a Hollywood.

Combined, our stage facilities offer approx. 30,000 SF of studio and 10,000 SF of production office space smack dab in the middl’a Hollywood. We have on-site grip, film lighting, and photo equipment that never leaves our facility for location rentals, allowing us to keep it in tip top shape. Our private production offices and conference room with a huge 80SF conference table and lounge space are perfect for production, table reads, studio meetings and wrap parties.

In late 2019, Line 204 and Zio Studio Services established a synergistic brand partnership focused on the future of the film and digital media industry. Together, the companies provide greater convenience and a one-stop shopping solution for production vehicles and equipment needs, which is currently unavailable industry-wide—until now. Clients will continue to call their representative of choice at either company, then pick-up and return vehicles and supplies from Line 204’s massive 120,000-square-foot production facility in Sun Valley.

Both parties bring something valuable to the partnership. Founded by Louis Dargenzio, Zio Studio Services offers motorhomes, trucks, restrooms, carts, gators and studio services, while Line 204 offers production equipment inventory and a Sun Valley location as a central pick-up and drop-off zone. Line 204 is currently ramping up construction on its approved 10-acre, 240,000-square-foot, 10-stage studio lot, which will be Los Angeles’s largest studio facility built from the ground up in more than 30 years. Zio Studio Services will be the exclusive vehicle provider of Line 204’s new Sun Valley-based studio facility, which is slated to officially open its doors in 2021.

“Line 204 is continually growing and so is our reputation as Hollywood’s ultimate one-stop shop”, Line 204’s owner and operator Alton Butler beams. “With this expansion, our commitment to remaining a family business and passing those values on to our clients remains the same. We’re in the relationship business first and the rental business second.”

And he means it. We consider our customers family, and we treat them that way.

Southern Hospitality is what we’re offering here, folks. We stand behind anything and everything we put our 204 logo on. Maybe that’s why we’re the go-to guys for so many people in our industry. People keep coming back, year after year, simply because we’ve given them no reason to leave.

So whether you’re shooting a technically-challenging TV spot, a network gallery, or the next iconic magazine cover, Line 204’s got everything a great production needs. When we say “everything,” we’re not talking about 10-year-old equipment held together with gaffer tape. Because if we wouldn’t use it, we sure as heck wouldn’t ask you to. While you’re at it, leave your calculators at home. Our stages are rented on a 12 hr day with flat rates and no hidden fees.

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