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Line 204 currently offers genuine Hollywood sound stages to the Southern California market with a touch of modern design and southern flare. 204’s main studio campus is located smack dab in the middl’a Hollywood with sound stages, private production offices, and conference rooms with on-site grip, film lighting, and photo equipment that never leaves the facility, allowing us to keep it in tip top shape. Our private production offices and conference room with a huge 80SF conference table and lounge space are perfect for production, table reads, studio meetings and wrap parties.

Line 204 is also the parent company to 204 Events and Angstrom Lighting which are all housed in our Pacoima, CA warehouse location.

“Line 204 is continually growing and so is our reputation as Hollywood’s ultimate one-stop shop”, Line 204’s owner and operator Alton Butler beams. “Our commitment to remaining a family business and passing those values on to our clients remains the same. We’re in the relationship business first and the rental business second.” And he means it. We consider our customers family, and we treat them that way.

Southern Hospitality is what we’re offering here, folks. We stand behind anything and everything we put our 204 logo on. Maybe that’s why we’re the go-to guys for so many people in our industry. People keep coming back, year after year, simply because we’ve given them no reason to leave.

So whether you’re shooting a technically-challenging TV spot, a network gallery, or the next iconic magazine cover, Line 204’s got everything a great production needs. When we say “everything,” we’re not talking about 10-year-old equipment held together with gaffer tape. Because if we wouldn’t use it, we sure as heck wouldn’t ask you to. While you’re at it, leave your calculators at home. Our stages are rented on a 12 hr day with flat rates and no hidden fees.

In 2020, Line 204 began construction on our 10-acre, 240,000-square-foot, 10-stage studio lot, which will be Los Angeles’s largest studio facility built from the ground up in more than 30 years. And the dream does not stop there, as our expansion plan includes a return to the South. Where you ask…You’ll just have to probe a little deeper.

Our History

Once upon a time, not long ago, Line 204’s story started with a man named Alton Butler working out of his garage. The story is best told through photos, so take a look at where we started and check back for news on where we’re fixin’ to go. It’s bound to be good.

  • imgSun Valley project is
    approved and underway


  • imgLine 204 begins construction on new
    stage project


  • imgLine 204 and Global Trend
    partner to create xrSmart
    Stages, a virtual production film
    location with technology that
    brings the world to you.


  • imgIn 2016, we launched The Client Lounge, Line 204’s custom portal allowing clients to build their rental lounges, piece-by-designer piece, or choose from a collection of pre-built sets with names like Mad Men or Scarface. Whether you’re into mid century furniture or something a little more traditional, log on to Line 204 and visit “The Client Lounge”. It’s another dimension.


  • imgBRAND NEW TRUCK FLEET is added
    and more overnight parking than you can
    fathom. The multi-lane drive through
    warehouse ain’t all that bad either!


  • imgProduction Rentals moves to the Valley
    with room for our Event Division, Production
    Rentals, Angstrom Lighting and some
    possible stages in the future.


  • imgLine 204 goes through a rebrand and begins
    an expansion plan to the valley in both Sylmar
    and San Fernando Valley.


  • imgLine 204 moves into a
    40,000 SF warehouse in
    N. Hollywood and launches
    Line 204 Events.
    Event division fast becomes
    an industry leader.


  • imgLine 204 Hollywood has now become one of
    Los Angeles’ most competitive boutique film
    stages hosting celebrities, global advertising
    campaigns, and world renowned talent.


  • imgLine 204 buys the 22,000 SF Studio Facility at 1043 Seward St, which is now Line 204’s West & East Stages, across from 204’s Productions Warehouse.


  • imgLine 204 blows up and acquires its first
    Hollywood warehouse! It may be small,
    but it’s home–for now.


  • img27 year old Alabama transplant, Alton
    Butler, moves to Hollywood and opens
    Line 204 out of his Studio City garage.
    Alton knocks on every door and the world
    of production rentals has never been this


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